Aug 24 2017
Sep 30 2017
"e-qui-nox" Gallery Exhibition

"e-qui-nox" Gallery Exhibition

Presented by ArtReach St. Croix at ArtReach St. Croix

An equinox is a day with equal amounts of day and night. Spiritually, the equinoxes signify the cycle of life and the opportunity of rebirth. At ArtReach St. Croix, e-qui-nox is an exhibition featuring artwork that show balance and symmetry (monoprints by Beth Dorsey), a rebirth of materials and a connection to nature (fiber sculptures by Barbara Reigel Bend), and the seasonal cycle of nature (vestments by Michaela Mahady).

Beth Dorsey creates monoprints that explore the tension between structure and intentionality, as well as randomness and spontaneity. She repurposes everyday objects and patterns to form the foundations of her images, which are obscured and enhanced by the layers added on top of them. Dorsey’s method highlight’s the structure, routine, and patterns that form the underpinnings of modern life.

Barbara Riegel Bend is a fiber artist and sculptor whose work explores the interplay of cross cultural fabrics stitched side by side with a reconfiguration of contemporary “throw away items.” These found items are attached to her pieces in a repeating pattern, which creates rhythm and design that is reflective of the recycled materials used in the work.

Michaela Mahady has background both in art and architecture that are reflected her detailed, hand knit vestments created to reflect the seasonal changes found at the equinoxes and solstices. Mahady’s work is inspired by a continuing exploration of the relationship between the individual and the environment.

An artist reception will take place on the Autumnal Equinox, Friday, September 22 at 6-8pm.

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2017/08/24 - 2017/09/30

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ArtReach St. Croix

224 North 4th Street, Stillwater, MN 55082