Biercycle Adventures LLC

Biercycle Adventures LLC

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 222 Commercial Street, Stillwater, MN 55082

BierCycle Adventures provides a fun and interactive way to explore beautiful Stillwater, Minnesota. See all that downtown Stillwater has to offer and learn fun, interesting and historic facts along the way! So climb aboard for a BierCycle Adventure! Our BierCycle is a bike just for downtown Stillwater and can hold up to 10 eager pedalers, and 3 non-pedalers. This bike also features a misting system for those hot summer days, and a motor for groups that may need a little help. Your tour will always be complete with your own tour guide to steer the BierCycle, assist riders and tell you about all the fun things there are to see and do in downtown Stillwater. Join us for a public tour, or reserve our bike for a private tour with friends and family. All are welcome to join the adventure at BierCycle Adventures!