Marine Mills Folk School

Marine Mills Folk School

Educational - Kids & Family-Friendly - Nonprofit - Traditional Arts - Visual Art


 550 Pine Street (former Marine Elementary Building), Marine on Saint Croix, MN 55047

The folk school tradition traces its origins to Scandinavian countries, with NFS Grundtvig of Denmark coining the term ‘schools for life’ as part of his philosophy of education, and of his vision for strengthening and empowering communities. Our folk school focuses on an unplugged, deliberate approach, with an emphasis on intergenerational learning that is fun, collaborative and restorative.

Our mission is to support our communities and strengthen connections by inviting all people to discover the joy of creating together through traditional arts and crafts.
Our Vision:
People will honor and appreciate fellow artists and craftspeople of similar and differing cultural heritage as well as those from other times, experience the joy of creating and the restorative power of our natural environment.